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  • Massachusetts Office Consolidation into Albany Office - Effective June 29, 2015
    All of Baby-Friendly’s operations have been consolidated into the Albany Office. Please update your contacts to ensure that all communication and payments are directed to Baby-Friendly USA, Inc., 125 Wolf Road, Suite 402, Albany, NY 12205. Phone (518) 621-7982 Fax (518) 621-7983  Liz Westwater, Accreditation Director may be reached by contacting the Albany Office. 
  • Fee Schedule - Effective July 1, 2015
    Ongoing changes in the health care industry relating to vendor compliance and payment processing requirements have necessitated that Baby-Friendly USA undergo a thorough review of its fee structure. We expect that this review will be completed and aligned with the strategic plan approved by the Board of Directors in early 2016. While undertaking the review, we will hold the current fee schedule in place until July 1, 2016. Going forward, it is our intent to minimize any increases in fees that might become necessary; however, as forces outside our control impact our budget, we may be required to increase fees to cover mandated expenses. To see the fee schedules for new facilities entering the 4-D Pathway and Designated Facilities, please click here.
  • Ten Steps Poster - As previously announced, effective January 1, 2015, all facilities participating in the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative are required to display the Ten Steps Poster language exactly as it appears on the poster available through the Baby Friendly website portal (see your dashboard for poster download instructions.) Facilities who have used altered language must also display the Baby-Friendly USA version of the poster in all maternity areas as indicated in the Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria. For translations into other languages, the translation must have been “back translated” into English again by an expert translator who hasn’t seen the original translation, and found to be accurate.
  • Business Associate Agreements - attn: Designation Phase facilities, if a BAA is required by your hospital or birth center, please see your Dashboard for sample language.
  • Infant Feeding Policy - New webinar posted April 14, 2014 - Available to all facilities registered in the D2 Development, D3 Dissemination and D4 Designation Phases. Please see your Dashboard for the link to the webinar.
  • Calculating Fair Market Value - Updates to DEV_4 and DESIG_5 - Access these tools via your Dashboard in the secure portion of the portal under the appropriate phases.



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