Maintaining Your Designation

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Once the Baby-Friendly designation has been attained, the journey is not complete.  Facilities must engage in ongoing efforts to ensure that the standards that they worked so hard to achieve are maintained.

To assist facilities in maintaining these standards, BFUSA has implemented an Annual Quality Improvement Program.

Annual Quality Improvement 

All designated facilities must comply with the current BFUSA Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria in order to retain their Baby-Friendly designation. To ensure that participating facilities comply with these guidelines, each Baby-Friendly birthing facility will be required to complete an assigned Annual Quality Improvement project. 

The online tool kit for this phase will be made available upon receipt of the phase fee.

Annual Quality Improvement projects also prepare facilities for the on-site Re-Designation. 

On-Site Re-Designation 

Designations expire after five years, at which time the facility must go through the BFUSA re-designation process. More detail on this phase is found in the online Re-Designation tool kit, which is provided to a facility upon receipt of the appropriate fee.

There is an annual fee for Designated Facilities. For more information, please contact Baby-Friendly USA.

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