General Questions About the NICU Toolkit

BFUSA’s NICU Toolkit is a set of resources to help healthcare providers who work in the NICU to optimally support increased use of human milk and breastfeeding for premature and/or sick infants by incorporating Baby-Friendly principles into neonatal intensive care. The Toolkit includes the core NICU Resources document, which contains a tool for reviewing recommended practices and clinical guidance giving suggestions for implementing each practice. In addition, the Toolkit offers a series of instructional materials providing users with an orientation to these resources and how to use them.

BFUSA does not plan to develop a separate NICU certification process or to expand Baby-Friendly certification into neonatal intensive care units beyond what is now included in BFUSA’s Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria (GEC). Instead, BFUSA is offering a free set of tools to help healthcare providers incorporate Baby-Friendly principles into the NICU.

Infant prematurity and illness are experienced in approximately 10% of births in the United States. The resulting need for NICU care disproportionately impacts families already disadvantaged by social determinants of health and related disparities. Incorporating Baby-Friendly principles can decrease the additive negative impacts of prematurity or illness at birth due to these inequities.

We are asking for your contact information so that we can reach out to you in the future to get your feedback on the Toolkit, which we will use as part of our continuous improvement process. We will not share your contact information with anyone outside of BFUSA.

Send your questions to While we will not be able to respond to individual email questions, we will make every effort to respond to the issues raised by periodically updating the “Questions Submitted by Users of the NICU Toolkit” section below.

Questions Submitted by Users of the NICU Toolkit

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