Here you can access all components of the Toolkit:

NICU Resources Document

Click HERE or on the image to the left to download the NICU Resources document. Please note that we highly recommend users access this document via Adobe Acrobat Reader for best appearance and functionality.

This is the core resource in the Toolkit. It has four sections:

Section 1: An “Overview of Baby-Friendly Practices for the NICU,” which introduces the recommended practices for each of the NICU Ten Steps adapted for NICU environments, along with three overarching guiding principles and The International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

Section 2: A NICU “Practices Review Tool,” which enables facilities to rate how well they are doing in applying the recommended practices in their NICUs.

Section 3: A “Clinical Guidance” section, which serves as a valuable companion piece by summarizing the rationale for the recommended practices based on an extensive review of the evidence and providing practical suggestions for addressing implementation challenges. It includes an extensive bibliography.

Section 4: “Support Documents and Appendices,” which provide additional resources and tools for use when reviewing current practices and planning improvements.

Related Instructional Materials

The NICU Resources document is supported by related instructional materials to help users become familiar with and make use of these resources to implement improved practices. This includes three short instructional videos and two slide presentations, which we recommend you watch in the following order: