Updated Tools Posted to the BFUSA Portal

Published On: August 28, 2018|

BFUSA has updated and posted several tools in the following phases in the Baby-Friendly USA portal: Development, Dissemination, Designation, Annual Quality Improvement (AQI) and Re-Designation. Please refer to the specific phases’ NOTICES/UPDATES section of the portal for detailed descriptions of the changes made.

Development Phase Tools Revised:

DEV7A-PatientEducationPlanTemplate and DEV7-PatientEducationMaterialsGuide have been updated to remind facilities to review educational apps and other technologies recommended to patients for accuracy of information and compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

DEV8E-StaffTrainingGuide has been updated to clarify the staff training requirements pertaining to the 5 hours of competency verification and DEV8A-StaffTrainingDocumentationTool has been revised to the record number of hours and date each competency was verified.

Dissemination, Designation, Annual Quality Improvement (AQI) and Re-Designation Phases Tools Revised:

DISS1-AuditToolStep1, DISS3-AuditToolStep3, DISS4-AuditToolSteps47, DISS7-AuditToolCode were tweaked to clarify areas where users had questions and to more closely align with the 2016 Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria-v2.

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